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4e title iv May 03, 2018
Hello, we are Group Home Biz. What do we do?

At Group Home Biz, we provide Youth Group Homes in Ohio with Title IV-E Cost Reporting Services. We also provide you with the software and accounting practices which will enable you to increase your bottom-line and automate activities so that your pier diem rate reflects the cost associated with running your Group Home.

A cost report serves two main purposes:
  1. It serves to establish a measurable means of reasonableness (i.e., ceiling) for the federal government's participation in the cost of placement care for Title IV-E eligible children.

  2. It’s utilized in calculating the county’s financial reimbursement for eligible placements.

When is the cost report due?

Per OAC 5101:2-47-26.2, all required material must be submitted annually by December 31.

Why should you complete a cost report?
  • There's a financial incentive to file a cost report.

  • County placement consideration is often contingent upon an agency’s Title IV-E reimbursable status.

  • To be designated as Title IV-E reimbursable, the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code require submission and approval of a completed cost report.

Types of cost reports completed by Group Home Biz:
  • Standard Reporting Period

  • Interim Reporting Period

Why Group Home Biz?

Our expertise comes from working across the state with a diverse clientele of group homeowners. Our Title IV-E Cost reports usually capture more cost than non-industry experts. Our process and automation software help increase, and support your pier diem rate with proper documentation, and allowable cost.

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