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About Us

Group Home Biz headquarters is located at 4050 Executive Park Dr, Suite 240 Cincinnati, Ohio 45241. You can reach us at 513.898.3307.

There is no other opportunity as personally rewarding as working with youth or adults in need of a caring home. is a growing business opportunity for startups located in the United States:

  • We are laser-focused on providing the best products and services available to our customers.

  • We are committed to providing the best support available to our business owners.

  • We will continue to leverage our agility and strength by partnering and marketing with other quality agencies across the nation.

  • We provide Executive coaching and help you to grow your business.

The benefits to you as an owner of such a strong organization as

  • A proven simple business model evolved from 15 years of experience and hundreds of consumers.

  • A business that is scalable and allows you to grow to as large as you want.

  • A superior response team.

  • A brand that is marketed across the nation.

  • A comprehensive national program that delivers results.

  • A business highly respected by those in the community.

  • A business that gives you the flexibility to enjoy the family and lifestyle that you want.

  • A comprehensive business owner support system

To continue our growth, we are seeking owners that have a deep passion for children and adults needing a difference, while at the same time building a solid business in their community.


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